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Born from Fire,  crafted by the forge,  CYNDERBYRD/AMETHYST has risen above many changes over the years, but two brothers at the heart of it-CHARLTON & CLAYTON, fly onward and upward and now it's "BETTER THAN IT EVERWUZ"!!!  From the early Daze as a basement/backyard cover band,  through the 90S playing bars,  parties,  and festivals and focusing for years on original music,  to becoming experienced recording artists and eventually buying a warehouse for ROCK-N-ROLL and building a recording studio,  private bar,  and stage for song building, live performance, parties, filming rock videos, comedy, artwork and Dreamchasing---"THE FORGE".  The New Album "EVERWUZ"  is a culmination of years of gathering & honing songbuiling skills, at the same time , still filled with that fire & passion that makes you want to take the stage as a teenager!  "This does not go away for a rocker as long as we breath!!!"-C.C.